Where To Find Hills Brothers Coffee With In-store Grinders

Wooden manual coffee grinder with many coffee beansMany people are learning to expand their knowledge when it comes to coffee. There is nothing wrong with buying Hills Bros. ground coffee. However, you may find that you have better tasting coffee via a grinder and using whole beans. You may not possess a grinder at home, though. Have no fear, there are places that sell Hills Bros. Coffee that have in-store grinders.

Whole Beans

Hills Brothers Coffee is quality coffee no matter if you prefer the ground or whole bean versions. In case you were not aware, the whole bean variety allows more of the coffee’s natural flavors and oils  into your coffee cup. This leads to a better flavor. Using a quality product like Hills Bros. Coffee to begin with can make that cup of coffee even more enjoyable.

Grocery Store Grinders

So, now that you have your Hills Bros. Coffee beans, you will need a coffee grinder. The problem is that you do not have one and cannot afford one. You should take a look at where you bought your coffee to find a grinder in the store itself.

Believe it or not, many grocery stores have in-store grinders; it just depends on the branch and the area. It is impossible to list them all, but you should look for grinders in grocery store chains like Safeway, Albertson’s, Smith’s Food & Drug Center  or “Smith’s,” and the like. Just keep in mind that the stores located near you may or may not have one as each store is different.

Coffee Shop Grinders

Do not forget that some independent coffee shops and coffee shop chains like Starbucks will grind your Hills Brothers Coffee beans for you. Some will require you to buy the coffee there, while others will grind coffee that you bought elsewhere. It never hurts to be polite and ask nicely if they provide this service.

Still No Grinder?

Many coffee purists will say that you need to use a premium conical burr grinder and that those stores use will not grind coffee evenly. The point is that it will do the job. Sure, you will not end up with the same quality grounds that you would get with expensive grinders on expensive coffee makers. However, you would still end up with completely usable and flavorful coffee grounds.

If you cannot find an in-store grinder, try asking to use a friend’s grinder. If  that does not work, and if you have a bag of whole coffee beans that cannot be returned or given to someone who can grind it, try using some tools found in your home. These include a food processor, mortar and pestle, rolling-pin, hammer, pan, bowl or other similar tools. Just keep in mind that your grind will be inconsistent. This can affect the quality and flavor. Also, try not to make a fine powder. Remember that coffee grounds tend to be fairly coarse.

Learning to make good coffee involves taking time to research, practice, and invest in better coffee and equipment. If you cannot obtain a coffee grinder right now, it is okay to keep buying quality Hills Bros. Coffee grounds. If you want to, and can afford to do so, you can buy your own grinder and enjoy quality whole bean coffee anytime at home.

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