Hills Bros. English Toffee Cappuccino Review

Hills Bros. English Toffee Cappuccino With Coffee Cup

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Do you like English toffee? How about cappuccino? Would it not be nice to have both without having to buy candy or expensive coffee at a coffee shop? Well, luckily Hills Brothers Coffee brings the best of both worlds together in a high-quality coffee mix. Keep reading for a personal review of Hills Bros. English Toffee Cappuccino below.

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Product Overview

This review is about Hills Brothers English Toffee Cappuccino. It comes in a signature Hills Bros. red canister with a picture of a coffee cup and English toffee candies on the front and a gold lid on the top.

There are both hot and cold preparation instructions for this product. The hot option involves just adding 3 tablespoons of the mix to a cup and pouring boiling water over it. The cold option involves adding 3 tablespoons to a blender with 6 fl. oz of milk and vanilla ice cream, and blending until smooth, which is between 30 and 60 seconds. This makes an iced version.

I made the hot version for this review.


The first thing I noticed once I opened the canister was the aroma. It was pleasant and smelled  just like toffee. Personally, I am a big fan of toffee, so after smelling its aroma, I could not wait to try this flavor. Once I mixed the water and mix, the cappuccino aroma became incredibly fragrant like I had just stepped into a coffee shop. It was a strong and kind of sticky toffee scent. I found this aroma to be incredibly appetizing, and it made me excited to taste it.


The powder inside the canister was a light cocoa-brown color. It looks like it had the texture of sifted flour.

Before I took a drink, I noticed the appearance of the beverage. I have found that many store-bought coffee drink mixes are usually thin. That is not to say that I have not discovered any decent ones, but none of them appeared like something you would receive from a coffee shop. That all changed when I looked into this cup. This cup of Hills Bros. English Toffee Cappuccino was definitely not your cheap run-of-the mill instant coffee mix. After I mixed it, it became golden with that ever-familiar whitish foam. It actually became bubbly, frothy, and creamy with a slight thickness to it.


Naturally, after being enticed by the aroma and the appearance, it was finally time to take a taste. I actually started to drink it without adding any sweetener, despite the fact that I prefer a little bit. I did this to provide my take on the sweetness of the product for both people with and without a sweet tooth.

I went to take a sip and was pleased with the velvety, warm texture. It was so smooth. The taste was unmistakably toffee to me. I also thought it had a slight hint of caramel, as well as that delicious signature cappuccino flavor.

As for the natural sweetness of this product, I personally found that it was not quite sweet enough for me. However, that is not a problem. It was tasty, even without extra sweetener. For those that do not prefer sweet beverages, you might like this one. The toffee is prevalent without tasting like something that will give you a sugar rush.

For those that like sweet beverages, Hills Bros. English Toffee Cappuccino is not a product to avoid, as a little sweetener is all you need to bring out more of its natural sweetness. This, in my opinion, is one of those products where the sweetness is there, but it needs a little boost to reach its full potential. I rectified this by adding only one packet of sweetener, but this would work with probably a teaspoon of sugar or agave nectar as well. It does not need much unless you have a strong sweet tooth. The bit of sweetness from whatever sugar product or substitute you use should not overpower the coffee, but increase the sweetness of the toffee flavor naturally. I felt that it better emphasized its candy-like quality and made it delicious.

Ease of Use

This product is easy to use. Add the mix to a cup, add boiled water, and stir well. I followed the instructions exactly for the hot version, which only used 3 tablespoons of the mix. I felt that this amount was perfect for a cup that was flavorful and delicious. It should be easily adjustable if you want more or less, but it will affect the number of servings inside the container.


The canister I received was a gift from my family. However, I have seen it at a couple grocery store chains that I frequent with the other Hills Bros. Coffee and specialty coffee products. What I saw was between $4 and $5 for the 16 oz. canister. Not too bad, and if you follow the serving suggestion of 3 tablespoons, you should be able to make the estimated 17 cups out of it.

I have seen similar deals and some better deals online from places like Amazon.


The reason why I write about Hills Brothers Coffee products is because I do believe in their quality. They are not the cheapest coffee products, but I believe that you get what you pay for. I found this product surpassed all the cheap varieties I have had before. I have not found a cheaper toffee flavor, but one may exist. This one truly delivered for being a simple instant coffee that you can make in a few minutes at home. I also felt that it lived up to this classic coffee brand.

Audience and Recommendation

This is definitely a product for fans of cappuccino and English toffee. It is also worth considering for those that want the convenience of a delicious coffee house coffee at home.

I highly recommend this product.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I enjoyed Hills Bros. English Toffee Cappuccino immensely. Although I wished it was a bit sweeter, I was still a big fan of this product as is. I also like the fact that it can be made hot or cold. I also look forward to trying it cold. I found the flavor and aroma of this product to be pleasant, and I felt that it tasted like real toffee. In fact, I think this may be my favorite flavor in this line.

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