Serving Coffee With A Side Of Class!

hanging coffee cups

Many people take the little gesture of serving coffee to guests for granted, but it is actually a long-standing tradition. When done properly, it can make your social gathering that much more enjoyable for them. Here is some more information on why knowing how to serving coffee is so special.

History In A Cup

Believe it or not, the act of serving coffee at social gatherings has been around for many years.

Starting in Europe, formal dinners used to include many courses that lasted for hours, and after the meal, guests were served demitasse in another room. This was generally after dessert or pudding, which was commonly served at the end of the meal. This was usually in a drawing room or anteroom. The sessions in this room allowed everyone to just relax and unwind following their meal. The atmosphere would become informal and casual, which almost everyone enjoyed.

There are still countries all over the world were coffee is served in a different room. This is quite common in diplomatic events. Coffee (and many times, tea) will be served to guests after dessert and plates have been removed.

This tradition went through many changes in many countries where coffee would start to be served alongside food. These still lasted for many hours. Coffee became a staple for informal gatherings, and it retained its stature in more formal professionals settings like meetings and formal events.

It was only in recent, modern times that things have picked up. Life is just getting too fast nowadays to sit and enjoy coffee for hours with friends and loved ones. The good news is that you can easily add these special get-togethers back into your life with some planning.

Dessert, Please!

One way to start serving coffee to guests nowadays, like previously mentioned, is with dessert. Coffee pairs quite well with items like cake, pie, and cookies. Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors. In fact, it has become so popular served with coffee, that many brewers and distributors have been created their own chocolate coffees!

Dessert wines have been served with desserts for years. Brandy is another common drink served instead of dessert. Some people still prefer these more traditional beverages with dessert, but coffee is still a popular alternative. Many people offer a second cup to guests to have with their brandy, too.

Serving And Receiving Coffee

It’s quite simple, really. You must go with the feel of your social gathering, and nobody knows this but you. If you know that you are holding a formal event or gathering, then your guests will expect something fancy. If you are just getting together with friends or family in an informal get-together, then the less fuss the better.

Now, if you are the guest, then you must follow the host’s lead. If you are at a formal event, then you should not ask for anything else other than what is placed in front of you. If your tea or coffee is served with dessert or served after dessert at one of these events, that is the host’s choice. You should respect it. It is better for the atmosphere to keep interruptions to a minimum or not at all to avoid disrupting it.

If you are invited to an informal gathering by someone you are related to or someone you know, then you can feel free to ask. The rule of thumb for these gatherings is to follow the lead of the host and the other guests if you are not sure of what to do.

As you can see, serving coffee is a long-standing tradition. While things may have changed considerably, you can still enjoy yourself with friends, family, and confidantes no matter what the setting or air is.

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