Brew Quality Coffee

Coffee is an enjoyable drink, but the basis of any coffee lies in the beans. Different types of beans produce different flavors and qualities. If you want to know everything there is to know about coffee beans, then you’ve come to the right article.
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Things To Know About That Cup Of Coffee

You get up in the morning and you groggily reach for that little cup or mug to put your coffee in. For many that is the usual scenario that starts their day. Depending on when you drink your coffee, it may be too early to think about what is actually in that cup of coffee. However, you should know that it is so much more than caffeine and beans.
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Hills Brothers Coffee – The History and Flavors

A little bit of history about Hills Brothers Coffee. Hills Brothers Coffee was first founded by the sons of Austin Hills, Austin Herbert and Reuben Wilmarth, in 1878 in San Francisco, California. The name of Hills Bros. was incorporated in 1906, six years after they began using vacuum-sealed cans to pack their roasted coffee.

The original symbol on the Hills Brothers Coffee can was the image of an Arab, called “the taster” drinking coffee and was designed by Briggs, a local artist. In 1990 the image logo was changed to a new “taster” which can be seen on the coffee cans today.

Nestle bought the Hills Brothers brand coffee in 1985 and later sold it to Sara Lee in 1999.

Because of its history and longevity in the coffee market, Hills Brothers Coffee is one of the most popular brands of coffee.

Hills Bros. comes in a variety of strengths and flavors.

One of the more popular flavors is their original blend, which is a medium roast coffee. It’s been available since the company’s inception in 1878, and is said to be a full-bodied classic.

Also available is the original blend, mild roast. This blend is light, delicious, and only gently roasted.

Available in a fully decaffeinated flavor is the Hills Bros. medium roast. It does boast of a full-bodied flavor without the added caffeine.

Then, you have the perfect balance medium roast. The perfect balance in this flavor is the amount of taste you get with only half of the caffeine found in the original roast.

The next flavor that is a favorite among those who love their coffee dark and rich would be the French roast or dark roast flavor. This is true to its name by being dark-roasted, in a classic blend that provides a truly bold flavor in your cup.

Another dark roast would be the 100% Colombian dark roast. These beans are the Arabica coffee beans mountain grown in Colombia. The flavor is very rich for a dark coffee.

Also from the mountains of Colombia is the Dark Satin, 100% Arabica. The beans are precision roasted to give a satiny, smooth texture, and dark roasted taste.

One flavor that gets the morning started with a boost is the morning roast or medium roast coffee. It’s got a full, rounded flavor.

Next is the high-yield medium roast. This coffee is specially roasted and ground in order to provide the most satisfying coffee in a rich, full flavor.

Additionally, there is the overdrive medium roast blend. This coffee is named overdrive because it contains 20% more caffeine that the original blend.

Hills Brothers Coffee also offers a variety of whole bean coffees to be ground at home to give that fresh ground aroma that so many people love.

The four whole bean coffees are the 100% Colombian, the dark roast, the premium blend, and the rainforest blend.

Hills Brothers Coffee is 100% natural and does not contain any additives. Because of its vacuum packaging, the coffee will always remain fresh, and it has no need for any added preservatives.